Be sure to support your postings and responses

Post a brief synopsis of the research article you
selected. Include the type of drug abused and the
treatment approach used. Then explain which
treatment outcome model you would use to
measure the success of the treatment approach,
and why. Be specific.
Be sure to support your postings and responses
with specific references to the resources.


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I send the 5 hro principlets to read and also safety .

What does HRO and Safety mean to you? This for a video. I send the 5 HRO principlets to read and also safety . This a 1 minute video presentation.


Possible treatment.

This assignment provides another opportunity to understand the uniqueness of the Personality Disorders and how they are different from the other disorders we have studied. It is important to recognize that they fit into a unique class of their own. There is significant overlap with the characteristics of the different personality disorders which adds to the challenge of understanding. One of the significant characteristics is that they rarely identify that they participate in the problem. For example, a person with and Anxiety Disorder knows they have a problem. Generally speaking, a person with a Personality Disorder does not identify that they have a problem–the problem is usually projected onto others–“they” are the problem.
Present a character from a movie, TV or a book who you think is a good candidate for one of the several Personality Disorders listed in the Chapter 15 of the text. Do not post the same character that someone else has already posted. If that character has already been posted, then you need to find another character.
The text needs to be used as your primary source of information for this assignment.
Assignment needs to list each area of this assignment by number when addressing each area (listed below).
Assignment needs to be a minimum of 300 words.
Disorder I chose is: Schizoid Personality Disorder
Discuss Each Area about the Character You Chose
1. Describe the character and the specific Personality Disorder that you think this character has. The description needs to be detailed so the reader will have an understanding of the character.
2. List the diagnostic criteria and the number of criteria required for a diagnosis for this particular Personality Disorder.
3. Indicate which of the criteria the character meets with a description of behaviors that supports each of the diagnostic criteria. Remember–the character needs to meet the expected number of criteria needed for this diagnosis. The diagnosis should not be given if the character does not meet the number needed.
4. Possible treatment.
5. Possible medication.
6. On a continuum from 0 to 5 rate the severity of the Character’s problems from non-problematic (0) to extremely problematic (5) and justify your observations.
7. Prognosis.
Book to reference is
Comer, R. J., & Comer, J. S. (2021). Abnormal psychology (11th ed.). New York, New York: Worth Publishers.
I’ve attached a document with text from the book to reference


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Topic : Effects of Exercise – Cause and Effect Essay (Effect)
1 Introduction Paragraph
3 Body Paragraphes
1 Conclusion Paragraph
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Justify the implementation and use of a selected technology in a health care setting.

on desired outcomes.
Analyze current evidence on the impact of a selected patient care technology on patient safety, quality of care, and the interdisciplinary team.
Integrate current evidence about the impact of a selected patient care technology on patient safety, quality of care, and the interdisciplinary team into a recommendation.
Competency 4: Recommend the use of a technology to enhance quality and safety standards for patients.
Describe organizational factors influencing the selection of a technology in the health care setting.
Justify the implementation and use of a selected technology in a health care setting.
Competency 5: Apply professional, scholarly communication to facilitate use of health information and patient care technologies.
Create a clear, well-organized, and professional annotated bibliography that is generally free from errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Follow APA style and formatting guidelines for all bibliographic entries.

Application Writing

Some unique opportunities i have encountered in high school are:

some unique opportunities I have encountered in high school are:
I have been doing a traditional dance called Bharatanatyam for more than 8 years. I practice about twice a week and we normally hold yearly dance recitals. but during quarantine, with no in-person dance practice, I decided to hold zoom classes for children in my community to learn Bharatanatyam so they could take part in something engaging during the lockdown. After we come together on zoom and I choreographed a dance where I allowed parents and loved ones to stream in and enjoy the performance. this shaped me into the person I am today by allowing me to become more attached to my cultural roots and allowed my to become closer to my community.



Instructions: For this assignment you will research, identify and write about a journalist. You may choose an American foreign correspondent or a journalist from another country. This person may be living or dead. You must read/watch/listen to a minimum of five examples of this person’s work as part of your research. Write an essay about this journalist is (or was) that places this person in the journalistic context and tradition of his/her/their country. If you choose a current Chinese journalist from the Mainland, for example, tell me about the constraints that person is working under as you introduce me to their work. If you choose an American foreign correspondent who covers/covered war, what challenges do/did this person face?
Think about the following questions:
-Why did you choose this journalist? What is it about their work that you find compelling? (include hyperlinks to their work).
-What kind of beat does/did this person cover? Where?
-Where is this person’s work published?
-What constraints is/was this person working within?
-What is the journalistic tradition of this journalist’s country?


Humans wear necklaces with crosses or a buddha, is to show their religious beliefs.

Item #8). In this section, “Abundance of Nonutilitarian Objects,” explains how people express themselves with “nonutilitarian objects,” or in other words, objects of adornment. Even though humans look very alike, these objects of adornment that people wear give a different identity, purpose, and character from others. Just like modern humans, pre-modern humans throughout the years have crafted various objects of adornment. One of the oldest items of adornment to be found was in the Grotte des Pigeons, or Pigeon Cave, in Morocco where excavators recovered thirteen perforated mollusk shell ornaments which date back roughly 82,000 years ago. Each of the perforated shell beads had holes in them, which implies that they could have been hung into a necklace. In addition, these same perforated shells were found again in abundance in the Blombos Cave in South Africa. Nevertheless, Africa was not the only continent to have necklaces recovered, but also central Asia. In 15,000 B.P. remnants of a small child were unearthed and along with the child was a necklace that was made of bone and antler beads. Just like modern humans, pre-modern humans have created these objects of adornment for individual identity.
My question stems from this section itself, page 191. The author states that throughout history, humans have created objects that are nonutilitarian. But why do these objects that were created several thousands of years ago considered not useful? In my opinion, these “nonutilitarian objects” do have a purpose. It necessarily does not have to be about survival. Humans wear necklaces with crosses or a Buddha, is to show their religious beliefs. But, I think the reason why the author considered these objects of adornment made thousands of years ago to be nonutilitarian is that there is a lack of significance or why they’re made is still yet to be known.
A very good point that the author makes in subheading 9 is that no matter someones religion or beliefs whenever someone dies their death always has a toll on loved ones and almost always results in a burial. Although after death we all end up in the same place six feet underneath the ground , it is up to an individual how they view life after death. Some people may people that once someone dies they simply die and thats the end of it. As well some people think that after death comes the after life. There is a famous modern folktale of a Californian women being buried seated at the wheel of her brand new Jaguar. For some people this can seem absurd and a waste of a car but for others it can be something that they will need in the afterlife. Egyptian Pharaohs are best known for believing in the afterlife and being buried with items they loved , like food jewelry , furniture and even other people. Hundreds of years later that this was discovered no one really knows why they did such a thing. It can be anywhere from believing in the afterlife or simply because someone those items to be buried with them.